Aurora Knights

                                                                                      Welcome to Aurora Knights...

Welcome all AK members and fellow Territory War 3 players! Below is our chat, be respectful in it. Those who have power in the chat: don't abuse it. Please limit the smilies in your name to 4 or less, this causes major lag in the chat.Thank you.

Grounds for banishment:

Explicit and unnecessary swearing or use of inappropriate language, highly disruptive in the chat, and spamming. If it is not one of these rules, it is an unjustifiable ban, and therefore can be called abuse. Co-Owners and Mods must abide by these rules. Main Owners can ban on what they see as fit.

                                                                                                Mottos and Quotes

  • "Fearlessly Forward As We Build For Eternity!!!"-Greenhx
  • Bring The Fire!!!-PhantomViper
  • "If you don't like it, get out." -ShuffleFreak
  • "There's always a solution my friend, the trick is learning where to look for it."  ~Whistler
        ~ "If you write your name in blood, in the end, all you get is flies."
  • War does not determine who is right, war determines who is left.  - Tank
  • That is, if you can beat me. ~Zero
    • Be an Icon, not an Imitation. Be the Original, not a Copy. Become one of Us, by becoming none of Us.
    • Confucius say: "Before you embark on a journey for revenge, dig two graves." 
  • No fear... No distractions. -Jade
  • Be yourself, Not what others want you to be..~Sean
  • Trying to be original is unoriginal. If you truly want to be original, just be yourself. -Necro
  • Aim, Pull the trigger, Reload, Repeat. -Kai
  • When there's a will, there's a way. -Unknown

                                                                   What's Up?

What's Up Knights? In this section, we basically tell you what the clan has been doing lately. Keep yourself up-to-date on the activity, updates to the site, new members, titles, ranks changes, wars and the overall happiness of the AK Admins. To the right is the time and how many people we've had visit the site, which is becoming quite popular! The date will be listed with the Admin who wrote the news.  

4/5/2013 - It's been over a year . . . and Tw3 is growing in popularity. After my long retiring I have returned! Greenhx! I'm here once again to revive this clan from the ashes. We'll rise like a phoenix and become the greatest clan once again. Get ready For the return of the Aurora Knights!

5/31/13 - I'm not coming back, just to clarify and dispel any rumors floating around here. Green seems to have a good control of the clan. Its been about 2 years since my departure, and a lot has happened. Apparently TW3 has taken off, regardless of the mixed reviews I've heard. I will not make an opinion on the game, as I will not return to playing online games, ever. For those of you who haven't seen me, or for those who care, I've been doing well. I genuinely hope you all are also doing well and following the dreams and plans that we talked about in the few years I spent getting to know you all. For now, good bye, and good luck to everyone. You never know when I'm going to drop by again! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you, owners. Much love, Zero.

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 Aurora Knights Tw3 War Record: 6-0

Aurora Knights Tw0 War Record: 210-61

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  • Greenhx Call: #kidscheer

Need us and we're not responding? Use these sounds.


                      Greenhx by Mahdi Hinds-Zaami on Grooveshark                                                                    The Musical Spectrum by Ryan Ludwigsen on Grooveshark


                                             Requirements, Rules, Members, Titles, and Wars

So... you want a promotion? Here's what we're looking for:

First of all, lets go over our requirements for incoming members. What we would like to see new members have would be a few things to promote our overall skills and health here. One of these requirements is that a new member needs to have over 100 wins, a decent win/loss ratio, and shows signs of being a good player in the future. At least 2/3 of this first requirement must be met. Most players are able to get better over time, and that's why they should join a clan in the first place. Secondly, we would like to see the recruit showing signs of a good attitude towards other members, and showing signs of being a mature and rational human being. Both of these requirements must be met. We do not want immature kids here. The mains hold the right to decide if any member fails to meet the requirements. Don't be afraid to bring a recruit in if they don't exactly fit. It's possible that we would let in a poor player, if they show signs of improving in time.

You may notice that our ranking system is a bit different. We have devised a tiered classification system to keep track of the members of AK, in a neat little box. Our available positions are Main Owner, Owner, Mod, and Member, which are the Xat Chat Ranks. We believe that the chat ranks should be mostly separated from the clan ranks. The other clans seem to be very lazy in fully combining the two, and basing them on either ability to moderate people, or skill in the clan. Usually, these are polar opposites, as better players tend to get a little bit overzealous with their powers. So what we've done is color code for the chat ranks, and rank our members based upon their leadership, upon various other criteria and roles they play in the clan, as well as skill. Here, we have 4 Ranks for our members, as per the boxes. The power leads down: Aurora Knights → The Black Order → Elite Knights → Sentinel Knights. Decisions are based upon these ranks. To get into a higher box automatically, all you really have to do is be a better leader, be skillful, and moderate well. An automatic promotion/demotion in rank allows you to move up/down a tier. You may challenge players within your tier (inner-tier rank matches) or outside of your tier (exotier matches). Challenging inside of your tier is simple: standard Rules apply (see below), best of 3 matches. Winner takes spot, loser switches spot. You may challenge up to 3 ranks ahead. Exotier Matches have another requirement attached to them: You must be in the top 3 of your current tier, to be able to face the next tier. In order to gain access to a new tier, you must beat 2 members of the tier you wish to be in. If you lose, however, you drop to the bottom of your original tier. This does not make you eligible for an automatic promotion, if you win.**Special Rules apply for the Aurora Knights tier.**

Please also note that if you are on a different computer, we hold the right to not promote you to your respected position. If you have an Xat Login name, login to it and you will get the position you are automatically. Otherwise, you are to remain as whatever position you came in as, whether it be higher or lower than your current.

Every new recruit to Aurora Knights will be placed as member at first. The newest members will be placed at the bottom of the ranks, and eventually work their way up. Please read over the "Pro Policy" section below this section if you are a Pro/Semi-Pro player on TW3.

Standard Rules...

We will be following our Standard Rules section on the War Rules page with the exception of the rules concerning time limits (prior to 24 hours) and rules concerning if a stage appears twice (in which case either player has the option of requesting a new stage). As a personal clan rule, we do not accept wars from "undercover" clans as it is not possible to verify the players identities. 

Clan Wars...

Clan Wars follow the basic, understood, general rules acquired and agreed upon by most of the clan leaders back in late 2009, for the most part. Nothing has changed, except that I comprised a bit more detailed list with proposition on the links below. These more rigid rules will not be accepted into the TWO community until (perhaps) TW3 arrives. Consult the mains with any questions of concerns.

Official War Rules Forum post

Clan War Rules Page 

Ranks Notations

  • * - on LOA. For the Mods and Members, skip over these players. Owners don't play for ranks.
  • ** - Not on as much as we'd like. Mods and Members, skip w/ permission from a main owner. Owners should not have this symbol by their names. (Will be moved down ranks for each consecutive week inactive)
  • *** - Inactive for a while, susceptible to deletion. Mods and Members, skip these players w/ permission from any Owner. NOTE: Any Owner who has this symbol by there name will be immediately demoted upon return.
  • [ ] - No longer plays TW3/ doesn't participate in ranks.
  • % - Demotion upon arrival. Reasoning TBA.



These are self explanatory. The Stage titles consist of 4+players, on the desired stage. Standard rules apply, i.e. no glitches, etc. Players titles consist or the desired amount of players on a random stage. Standard rules also apply here. The weapons titles consist of a Random Random setup. Both players may only use the selected weapon, i.e. Grenades (including Ground Impact), to destroy the other opponent. Remember to either tell a main owner or blog your results when done. Each title match is best 2 of 3. The [#] notation by a name means how many times that person has defended a certain title. 1 title match per person per day.


  • Island II -
  • Volcano --
  • Castle -- 
  • Void II -- 
  • CrystalCavern--
  • Jungle -- 
  • The Pit -- 
  • Island III -- Smog
  • Castle II --
  • Cove --
  • Mountain --
  • Volcano II --
  • City --
  • Graveyard II -- Alice


  • 1 vs 1 -- 
  • 2 vs 2 -- 
  • 3 vs 3 --
  • 4 vs 4 -- 
  • 5 vs 5 -- 
  • 6 vs 6 -- 


  • Grenades/mortars --
  • Pickaxe/Boot/Rockets/acid -- 
  • Sniper/pistol -- 
  • No Plats/Walls -- 
  • Blitz --
  • Bounty --
  • Base Capture --
  • Mirror--Greenhx (14)
Retired AK Legends...
  • Jordan aka DeadSilent
  • The Elder aka TheDarkKnight49
  • Whistler aka The Whis*
  • ShuffleFreak aka ShuffShuff
  • Seanishere aka Sean*
  • DaTanksta aka Tank*
  • BlindSniper aka KaiKai**
  • NecroAngel93 aka Necro*
  • Jade aka LadeyJadey*
  • ScorpionGun45 aka Corn
  • Another Planet aka AP
  • Negative000 aka Zero
  • CinderellaMan aka Cinder
  • Cloud aka 2Green11
* - Has retired, but still plays occasionally.
**-Has been a great help to the clan but quit 

                                                                       The Aurora Knights...

Aurora Knights

1. Greenhx

The Black Order
  1. Necro
  2. DriftinDreamer
  3. Django

Elite Knights


  1. DarkNightmare13
  2. Darkness
  3. ProSyrianFighter (LOA)
  4. BlxNtz
  5. Alice



Sentinel Knights

  1. EpicEli111
  2. Trever**
  3. Roberto
  4. Clown of God
  5. RipJawOnFire**
  6. adrizlex
  7. Whistler
  8. Jordan
  9. Uwotm8
  10. RainbowGravity
  11. Plasma Gunner
  12. Tristan
  13. Smog
  14. Watts
  15. Demarc
  16. Ashish
  17. NinjaPenguin
  18. Luke
  19. Genesis
  20. Red
  21. Darkoniser
  22. Sh4d0wBL4k3
  23. stickslayer
  24. Lindsey
  25. Tentoes100
  26. musu908
  27. jZ3ZZujZ3CTION
  28. LeGeNdArY_X


Need to find us?

This is the time (in Eastern time) where owners are expected to be online. This section is for notifying you all of when it is easiest to find us at a certain time and day. (The times doesn't necessarily mean that the owners will be on. This is just a approximate time you might find them on, so don't get your hopes up)  

Greenhx: [In semester] Random Times...

                                                                        AK's Policy for "Pros" and rejoining members

Here is our policy regarding pros and semi-pros on TW3, who would like to join in AK:

All new members, regardless of record or previous status in "epic" clans, will be classified as Member, even if they have the skills or prowess to become insta-Mod or Co-Owner. After about a week or so of being in AK, being active and being a friendly person in the chat, we will decide on whether or not to promote you to your deserving status. This is for a few main reasons:

  1. It lets the mains and everyone else in AK know that you WANT to be a member, instead of just holding a powerful position and just using us to get something.
  2. It helps them get used to the site and get to know the mains and their clan-mates, as well as the procedures of AK.
  3. We cannot be unfair to those AK members who have stuck with us through thick and thin, hackings and downtime, to have someone come through and rip their positions away.
  4. We can try to weed out the clan hoppers here as well, which destroy the unity of a clan. The term "clan-hopper" is universally known for people who can't seem to decide on a clan (There are few exceptions to this, like close friends of the mains).
We [the mains] hold the right to bend these rules as we see fit. Complaints are to be civilly discussed in the chat. You may notice certain people holding certain positions higher than that of your own. Exceptions can be made for "legacy" players, "AK legends" and so forth. This is merely respect and homage to them, not against you.

                                                                                                TW3 Links


Other Clans: 


Tips for playing TW3:

Practice your nades. Practice your aiming. Find autokills and useful nades. Ask for help from one of the owners, most of us are willing to share some knowledge about the game. Don't hack or glitch, it only degrades your skill and kills your reputation. Don't give second chances. Never give up, there is no such thing as a "guaranteed loss". No holding back, have no mercy upon your foes, and mostly... HAVE SOME FUN!!

To reduce lag:

Go into your Graphics options and turn off both 'Idle Animations' as well as 'Explosion Effects'. These are the slight movements the stick figures do when they stand still and the screen shake when an explosion occurs. These things have a tendency to lag you out of TW3 sometimes, causing a disconnection. If you are still lagging in TW3, close down your chat box or any other website. These other sites as well as the chatbox take up your bandwidth, causing you to have less bandwidth to properly run the game. TW3 runs best at higher FPS (frames per second), so the more FPS you can get and the higher transfer speed, the better.